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Stranded, sick and stashed into Middle-Eastern detention centers, African migrant women domestic workers’ suffering has been pushed to a deadly limit, in the midst of the corona virus pandemic.

Desparately waiting and hoping for a possible emergency rescue back to the homelands they once fled to seek greener pastures, an Amazon best seller: “Deadly Work or Decent Work?” unmasks the 21st century slave-like employment system, kafala.

Some hopeful migrant domestic workers are rudely awakened to their new reality of violence, sexual harassment and abuses, and sometimes deadly working conditions, upon arrival in some of the Middle Eastern countries, where this seventy year old archaic employment system is still practiced.

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Deadly Work or Decent Work? Book

Deadly Work or Decent Work? is an alarming revelation leading to an urgent outcry and humble appeal to Middle Eastern and African leaders for the abolishment of the horrifying archaic migrant employment hiring system in the Middle East: Kafala. This eye-opening book journeys deeply into the trenches, bringing us face to face with mind boggling violent experiences of the most vulnerable of migrant workers: women domestic workers – whose plights have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 era.

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Millions of migrant women domestic workers end up in a very abusive migrant work system in the Middle Eastern countries called kafala. While some of these women succeed, a rapidly increasing number, mostly from Asia and Africa, suffer silently behind closed doors of constant abuse, some are raped, many work long hours with little or no pay, no day off, seized passports and now with Covid19,  many are trapped, stranded, suffering, sick, suicidal and some,  recently found mysteriously dead!

Bring Back Our Sisters

Attributes of Deadly Work

Seized Passports

Sexual Harassment

Unpaid/ delayed/ reduced salaries

No day off

Long working hours with no rest periods

False accusations leading to unjust imprisonment

Executions without prior diplomatic discussions with the sending country

Slave-like conditions

Attributes of Decent Work

The right to keep their own passports

Protection against all forms of sexual harassment

Regularly paid salaries

Regular weekly day off

Daily rest of a minimum of twelve hours

Access to proper conflict resolution mechanisms with counselling and mediation services

No executions. Deportations are preferred

Access to a mobile phone and
thirty days paid annual leave

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